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Pebble E-Paper Smart Watch for iPhone and Android

Posted on Apr 15th 2012 by Johan

It seems Allerta is well on their way to deliver the new Pebble smart watch to consumers by later this year. They submitted their new smart watch concept to Kickstarter a few days ago and they're way above their original $100K goal as you can see when you follow the Kickstarter link. This is rather exciting news for watch lovers like myself since smart watches are typically not all that popular amongst mainstream buyers. Have Eric and his persistent team been able to turn the tide? Only time well tell. Alright, let's talk more about this Pebble smart watch!

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inPulse Connect now inConnect - New Services

Posted on Jul 6th 2011 by Johan

The fact we changed our name from inPulse Connect to inConnect is probably not very interesting news but the name change was done on request of Allerta and this to prevent brand confusion. I'm all for that, the least we want to worry about is folks thinking we're somehow affiliated with the manufacturer which is definitely not true. Don't get me wrong, I love the guys from Allerta, but we just like to do our own thing.

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inPulse Connect

Posted on Jun 25th 2011 by Johan

inPulseWatch is proud to present inPulse Connect. Our inPulse Connect android app allows you to connect your watch to the web while keeping battery life in mind. At this moment you're able to receive weather updates, you can monitor the status of your site, or you can get your own pager id that allows others to page you through our site. How does it work? Our inPulse Connect Android App will handle the communication between our site and your watch. Every 15 minutes our Android App will connect to our site to request an update for your watch. Only when there truly is an update availab...

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